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Prayers of the Mystics

What person, however careless, who had to address someone of importance, would not spend time in thinking how to approach him so as to please him and not be considered tedious? He would also think what he was going to ask for and what use he would make of it, especially if his petition were for some particular thing, as our good Jesus tells us our petitions must be. This point seems to me very important. Couldst Thou not, my Lord, have ended this prayer in a single sentence, by saying: "Give us, Father, whatever is good for us"? For, in addressing One Who knows everything, there would seem to be no need to say any more. (The Ways of Perfection, Ch. 30)
In Your Hand
I place my heart,
Body, life and soul,
Deep feelings and affections mine,
Spouse - Redeemer sweet,
Myself offered now to you,
What do You want of me?
Give me death, give me life
Health or sickness,
Honor or shame,
War or swelling peace,
Weakness or full strength,
Yes, to these I say,
What do You want of me?
From "In the Hands of God" (Vol. 3, 377-378), The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila
O budded, greening branch! 
You stand as firmly rooted in your nobility

As the dawn advances. 
Now rejoice and be glad.

Consider us frail ones worthy 
To free us from our destructive ways.

Put forth your hand and 
Raise us up.

Prayer by Hildegard of Bingen. (


God, of your goodness
     give me yourself
          for you are enough for me.
          And only in you
               do I have

Experience the mystery...

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