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Additional Resources

Resources used in the creation of this website are indicated by *

Mystics (general)
* Madigan, Shawn, Ed. Mystics, Visionaries, and Prophets. Minneapolis, MN:
     Fortress Press. 1998.
* Spearing, Elizabeth, Ed. Medieval Writings on Female Spirituality. New York,
     NY: Penguin Books. 2002.
* Wilson, Katharina M., Ed. Women Writers of the Renaissance and Reformation.
     Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press. 1987
Teresa of Avila
*Avila, Teresa of. The Way of Perfection. New York, NY: Image Books. 1991.
*Bielecki, Tessa. Teresa of Avila: Mystical Writings. New York, NY: Crossroad.
Gross, Francis L., Jr. & Gross, Toni P. The Making of a Mystic: Seasons in the
     Life of Teresa of Avila. Albany, NY: New York State University Books. 1993.
*Judy, Dwight H. Embracing God: Praying with Teresa of Avila. Nashville, TN:
     Abingdon Press. 1996.
*Kavanaugh, Kieran & Rodrigues, Otilio. Teresa of Avila: The Interior Castle. New
     York, NY: Paulist Press. 1979.
*Lincoln, Victoria. Teresa: A Woman: A Biography of Teresa of Avila. New
     York, NY: Paragon House Publishers. 1984.
*From the Teresian Carmel website,  a biography of Teresa.
*From the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, a biography of Teresa.
From the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, a brief biography of Teresa. (Browning, Mark, 1997.)
From the Illuminating Lives website at Drexel University, a biography of Teresa. (Randall, Beth, 1998.)
Hildgard of Bingen
* For other sources see books listed above under general Mystics*
Audio Recordings
Hildegard of Bingen: A Feather on the Breath of God  CDA66039 :: Hyperion :: (c) 1984  
* From the Christian Mystics website, this page focuses on Hildegard of Bingen. (Robertson, B., 2003.)
Julian of Norwich
* Julian of Norwich. Revelations of Divine Love. New York, NY: Penguin Books. 1998.
* Julian of Norwich. Showings. The Classics of Western Spirituality Series.New York, NY: Paulist Press. 1978.
* For other sources see books listed above under general Mystics*
* New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia - 

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