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Biographical Timeline - Hildegard of Bingen

1098 - Born in Bockelheim on the Nahe
1106 - Attends Benedictine monastary at Mount St. Disibode where
            she is taught by Jutta, a recluse and a sister of Count
1116 - Hildegard becomes a Benedictine nun
1136 - Following the death of Jutta, Hildegard becomes the head of
            the female community at Mount St. Disibode
1136-1140 - Hildegard experiences a serious of vision
1140-1150 - Hildegard is commanded by God and devoted to writing
            down these visions.
1141-1151 - Working on was is considered her greatest work,
1147 - Hildegard's writings are brought before Pope Eugene II -
            favorably received
1147/8 - Count Bernard of Nildesheim grants her permission to open
            a new convent in Rupertsberg, near Bingen (on the left side of
            the Rhine)
1179  - Hildegard dies (September 17)

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