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Biographical Timeline - Teresa of Avila


1515 - March 28 - Teresa de Ahumada born in
            Gotarrendura (mother's farm - near Avila)
1522 - Attempts to run away with brother
            Rodrigo to the land of the Moors to
            become a martyr of the church
1531 - Enters Augustinian convent, Santa Maria
            de Gracia
1532 - Falls ill - returns home to recover
1535 - Runs away (against father's will) to a Carmelite convent -
            Encarnacion de Avila
1536 - Religious dowry is signed (October 31); she wears are
            Carmelite habit (November 2)
1537 - Professes her vows as a Carmelite nun
1538 - Falls ill - leaves convent and travels to Becedas
            where she is treated by a healer - to no avail - her
            sickness only worsens
1539 - Returns to Avila (father's house) - is in a coma for four
            days (preparations for burial undertaken)
          - Awakes dramatically, and although in much pain and
            paralyzed she returns to the convenant and spends
            the next three years in the infirmary
1542 - She regains full use of her limbs and attributed her healing
            to San Jose (St. Joseph)
1542-1554 - Time of spiritual struggle and growth for Teresa -
           she describes it as a time of "wasting"
1554 - During Lent she experiences a 'radical' conversion
            before a statue of the suffering Christ
1556 - She receives the grace of spiritual betrothal
1560 - She receives the grace of transverberation (spiritual
            piercing of the heart)
          - She begins to write the story of her life - Life
          - She begins to discuss with friends and colleagues her    
             vision for reforming the monastic life
1562 - Pope Pius IV grants her permission to found San Jose
            de Avila (St. Joseph)
          - Convent is dedicated on August 24, 1562
1562-1566 - Teresa writes the constitutions for San Jose de
            Avila and begins to write The Way of Perfection
          - She also writes her Meditations on the Song of Songs
1567 - After receiving permission to found other convents
            she founds one in Medina del Campo (August 15)
1568 - Founds convent in Malagon (April)
          - Founds convent in Valladolid (August 15)
          - Reformed monastery for friars in Duruelo is founded
            by Juan de la Cruz (St. John of the Cross) (November 28)
1569 - Founds convent in Toledo (May 14)
          - Founds convent in Pastrana (June 28)
          - Founds reformed monastery in Pastrana (July 13)
1570 - Founds convent in Salamanca (November 1)
1571 - Founds reformed monastery in Alba de Tornmes
            with Juan de la Cruz (January 25)
          - July 13 Teresa renounces the Calced rule
          - Took over as prioress (against her wishes) of the   
            Encarnacion de Avila and put in charge of the Salamanca
          - Teresa invites Juan de la Cruz to become chaplain at
            Encarnacion de Avila
1572 - Teresa receives the grace of spiritual marriage
1573 - Teresa begins writing Foundations
1574 - Along with Juan de la Cruz, Teresa founds the Segovia
            monastery (March)
1575 - Founds the convent in Beas (February)
          - Meets Jeronimo Gracian who becomes her confidant and
            best friend
          - Gracian sends Teresa to found the monastery in
            Seville (May)
          - December - Teresa is denounced to the Inquisition (by a
            woman who had been expelled form the convent
            in Seville)
1576-1579 - Persecution of Teresa's reform movement continued
          - Teresa continues writing Foundations
          - Teresa writes her magnificent The Interior Castle
1580 - Teresa falls ill to influenza - almost dies
          - Founds convents in Villanueva de la Jara and Palencia
          - An offical papl brief was issued which declared the
            Discalced Reform 'legal'
1581 - New constitutions formed - Gracian becomes the first  
          - Teresa founds convent in Soria
          - Teresa begins founding of convent in Burgos
          - Juan de la Cruz makes the foundations in Granada
1582 - Reaches Alba de Tormes (September 20)
          - Announces her imminent death (September 29)
          - Receives the Sacrament of Extreme Unction & last
            confession (October 3)
          - Teresa dies in the arms of Ana de San Bartholome
            (October 4)
1970 - Declared a Doctor of the Church(September 27)

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