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Excepts from Julian of Norwich's Writing

On the love of God and protection:
In this endless love we are led and protected by God, and we never shall be lost; for he wants us to know that the soul is a life, which life of his goodness and his grace will last in heaven without end, loving him, thanking him, praising him. And just as we are to be without end, so we were treasured and hiddne in God, known and loved from with out beginning. (Long Text, Showings, Ch. 54)
On the Trinity:
For the almighty truth of the Trinity is our Father, for he made us and keeps us in him. And the deep wisdom of the Trinity is our Mother, in who we are enclosed. And the high goodness of the Trinity is our Lord, and in him we are enclosed and he in us.  We are enclosed in the Father, and we are enclosed in the Son, and we are enclosed in the Holy Spirit.(Long Text, Showings, Ch. 54)
On her own patience and endurance on earth:
Before this time I had often great longing, and desired of God's gift to be delivered from thsi world and this life, for I wanted to be with my God in the bliss in which I surely hope to be without end...Then God said to me, for my patience and endurance: Sunddenly you will be taken out of all your pain, all your unrest and all your woe...Why then should it grieve you to endure for a while, since it is my will and to my glory?(Short Text, Showings, Ch. 20.)
On prayer:
...Prayer makes the soul like God when the soul wills as God wills; then it is like God in condition, as it is in nature. And so he teaches us to pray and to have firm trust that we shall have what we pray for, because everything which is done would be done, evne though we had never prayed for it. But God's lov eis so great that he regards us as partners in his good work; and so he moves us to pray for what it pleases him to do, for whatever prayer or good desire comes to us by his gift he will repay us for, and give us eternal reward. (Short Text, Showings, Ch. 14)
On a vision of Christ's Passion (Eighth Revelation):
After this Christ showed me part of his Passion, close to his death. I saw his sweet face as it were dry and bloodless with the pallor of dying, and then deadly pale, languishing, and then the pallor turning blue and then the blue turning borwn, as death took more hold upon his flesh. (Long Text, Showings, Ch. 16)
On righteousness:
Righteousness is that which is so good that is cannot be better than it is, for God himself is true righteousness, and all his works are righteously performed, as they are ordained from eternity by his exalted power, his exalted wisdom, his exalted goodness. (Long Text, Showings, Ch. 35)
On sin:
And God showed that sin will be no shame, but honour to man, for just as there is indeed a corresponding pain for every sin, just so love gives to the same soul a bliss for every sin. Just as various sins are punished with various pains, the more grievous are the sins, so will they be rewarded with various joys in heven to reward the victories over them, to the degree in which the sin may have been painful and sorrowful to the soul of the earth. (Long Text, Showings, Ch. 38)

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